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At Tena's Fine Diamonds and Jewelry, we offer the following services:

Tena's state of the art laser welder uses amplified light rather than the heat from a torch to weld jewelry. This new technology provides a safer, cleaner, and more cost effective way to repair jewelry.

We handle minor issues, such as battery replacement service, adding and removing links from watch bands, and replacing worn bands on your favorite watch. Here at Tena's, we work with care and attention on every service request, big or small.

As Your Life Changes.....So Can Your Jewelry.

Whether your treasured diamond and gemstone jewelry needs refurbishing or you desire to cahnge your older jewerly completely. Tena's has a staff of full-time professioanal bench jewelers to serve you. At your request, loose diamonds and gemstones, new ring, bracelet, pendant or earring mountings of yellow gold, white gold or platinum are availanble to you. The Tena's Team of bench jewelers has the expertise needed to change your jewelry as your life changes.

Restringing is fundamental to the preservation of pearls and gemstone beads. The standard wisdom is to restring every year or two, depending on the frequency of wear. At Tena's Jewelry, we use luxurious silk thread and nylon thread for knotting and stringing of pearls and a heavier thread for bead restringing. We seperate each pearl or bead with care and individually knot for safety. However, some gemstone beads are not desired to be knotted and these too can be restrung in the same manner without the knotting technique.

Tena's Jewelry buys your broken or unwanted gold jewelry. We examine each piece, separate & weigh each piece while you wait and instantly you get a check. With gold at its all time high, now is the time to sell it for scrap.

Everyone has favorite pieces of jewelry - your wedding bands, that bracelet you wear everyday, a necklace with special significance. Constant wear on jewelry, though can create some isssues. Maybe a stone has fallen out, perhaps your band is wearing thin or your necklace clasp is no longer working. The issues are easily solved in our jewelry repair department. Rest assured that your jewelry will be handled with utmost care in our repair shop. It is also important that jewelry looks its best when sparkling clean. Too many people wear jewelry everyday without thinking of cleaning and checking it. Bring your jewelry to Tena's Jewelry, where it can be cleaned & checked by a professional. You will be amazed by the difference. Your diamonds will sparkle again, your gold will glow and your silver will shine.

From plaques to baby cups.....Tena's Jewelry engraves it all. Let us help you personalize a memory to last a lifetime.

Buying and wearing a fabulous new watch or piece of jewelry is great fun, but there's some business involved, too. It's very important to have a complete, certified appraisal with your piece to help with insurance and to help you remember the jewelry you own. No one ever wants to think about losing a treasured item, but in a difficult situation, an updated appraisal can be a lifesaver. And for new purchases, a receipt may not be enough - you want to make sure you get the full replacement value of your piece, not just the special sale price you were lucky enough to get. An official appraisal will contain detailed information about the type, quality and replacement value of the specific components of your jewelry. Our staff of certified appraisers will complete the appraisal for you in-house. You can rest assured that your jewelry will stay here in the store, safe and secure. Also, it is important to remember that your insurance appraisals should be updated every five years. With the changes in value in precious metals, the fluctuations in market demand for certain gemstones and regular wear and tear, the value of your pieces can change dramatically over the course of your ownership.

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DIRECT DIAMOND IMPORTERS                                                                                                                     Let Tena's be your "personal diamond broker" and hand-select for you the diamond of your dreams! As members of the Independent Jewelers Organization, we have the ability to travel to Antwerp, Belgium, twice each year to purchase our diamonds directly from Antwerp's leading diamond cutters. By buying directly from our cutting sources, we have the luxury of selecting form an enormous choice of the world's most beautifully cut diamonds and we save heavy importer and distributer costs, allowing us to pass this great savings on to you! In Antwerp, we will personally sort through hundreds of spectacular diamonds to locate the perfect diamond for you in the size, shape, color, and clarity you request at a price fit for your budget. If you would like to own a magnificent idamond handpicked for you and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime savings, call or visit one of our stores today!

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